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Larry Pelham - Broker I Listing Specialist I REALTOR®

Larry is a South Carolinian, born and bread, but has proclaimed Texas as “home” for the last 10 years. In early 2000, he was an antsy kid who needed to make “life decisions.” At the ripe age of 17, he had his parents sign the documents which allowed him to enlist in the US Army before turning 18. The moment Larry stepped on the bus to Basic Training, his life was forever changed. He began a military career as a skinny but fit Infantryman, working and learning, not only how to become a Solider, but also a Leader. Unbeknownst to anyone, the core of everything we knew would change on September 11, 2001, when tragedy struck our country. That young Infantryman would quickly become an Infantry Soldier. After a serving a year in Korea with the “Manchu” Battallion, Larry became a proud solider in the 502nd Infantry Brigade, 101st Airborne. He took place in the March 2003 invasion of Iraq as part of the ground forces. After his combat deployment, he fell under the guidance of a now Three Star General, who saw Larry for his true potential. Several deployments and training schools later, Larry’s career would lead him to working as an Aide to the Secretary of the Army, and stationed at The Pentagon. After two years there, and seeing first hand the effect Intelligence had on the battlefield, Larry changed his Military Occupation to the field of Military Intelligence. Larry spent many years perfecting this craft, as a Human Intelligence Collector. He experienced and saw the world in a way most will never know. In 2008, as a very young E-7, Larry would be stationed here, at Fort Hood Army Base, in Central Texas. In a full leadership role, Larry would take his soldier’s on two more major deployment’s to Iraq, between which he would be introduced to his future bride. 

Larry married Monique in January of 2011, under one stipulation, the Texas girl would not have to leave Texas. The traveling solider would have to stay put, so they could start their lives together. Anyone who knows Larry knows he lives and breaths for Monique. The two have a love for travel, food, and wine, while he has a passion for golf, fishing, and hunting. Together they make each other whole, and have a unique way of balancing the other out. As a Veteran, Larry had to learn and experience what many Veterans experience, “who am I outside of the service of the Military?” For Larry, this journey took him through many phases, eventually landing him where he is today, a Real Estate Broker and Entrepreneur. 

Larry joined Monique in Real Estate, and transformed her business from an individual REALTOR®, to a true thriving business. He realized the many leadership skills and techniques he learned in the Military would be beneficial, and adopted those practices to their business. He quickly realized those skills were applicable in all facets of his life, especially business. He elevated their business and introduced the application of technology in an industry that had not yet adapted to the “modern world”. Together, they grew rapidly and developed a business of quality over quantity. Today that same approach applies, however, through old fashion trial and error - they have turned a small, but powerful, team of Real Estate Professionals into a successful and thriving company. Although Larry’s home is Texas, he can never deny that South Carolina “twang” when he talks!

FUN FACT: Back home in South Carolina everyone calls Larry “Bubba” and if asked, they have no clue who Larry Pelham is.

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