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Creating A “Backdrop” For The New Decade


2020 Color Trends

The Pelham Group
Jan 23 3 minutes read


Within the last decade, our central Texas area has seen some definite changes in the Interior Design world. Most notable are the shifts from heavy, traditional Tuscan designs… to modern Farmhouse style (Holy Shiplap!)… to stark and modern color palettes dictated by whites and grays. 


Having pondered 50+ Shades Of Gray, many builders & homeowners seem to have thrown down their paint brushes in rebellion. And we hear you!  With all those undertones, it’s hard to find just the right shade. The design/build industry is seeing a trend toward warmer, richer tones. To be clear, we are NOT talking about resurrecting the dated, traditional Tuscan color scheme, but bringing in warmth & richness in a more updated and current color palette. There’s a big difference, Karen!

Inquiring Minds Want To Know…

Exactly what is “Traditional?”…and is it “Dated?”

Great Question!

Traditional is one of the most popular styles in Interior Design. It is a timeless style that exemplifies elegance and comfort. Rich, dark woods, neutral walls, antique pieces, substantially sized furniture, and symmetry in design are all part of what composes a traditional look. If timeless colors and classic furnishings are used, the Traditional design and color scheme will age well. HOWEVER, that look can become tired if the initial color scheme used was trendy, and the wood tones were light. This is when Traditional can become “Dated.”  


Say Goodbye!… Adios!… Farewell!… to the cool blues & grays that have dominated the last few years. Natural, harmonious hues have now forged their way to the top of the paint chip stack. Designers are incorporating soft pastels with warmth, and earthy undertones into their most current color schemes. Varied shades of greens are associated with nature, but so are saturated blues reminiscent of beaches and lagoons.  As if you were ordering Curbside Service from your favorite Organic Grocer, expect the introduction of delectable colors like chocolate browns, wine reds, olive greens, and yellow ochres. Warm wood tones and textures, along with granite surfaces, will continue to gain momentum in new construction areas, as well.

Benjamin Moore

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