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Spring Cleaning Tips

The Pelham Group
Jun 28 4 minutes read

Spring🌷is here, YAY! That also means it's time to start to de-clutter and to give your 🏡 a fresh clean. We've rounded up the best spring cleaning tips and tricks to help you clean your home in a simpler way! These cleaning hacks will help you get your home sparkling ✨ clean in no time at all!

Clean windows:

A spray bottle with vinegar + water and a squeegee will get the job done!  On the outside, we’ve sprayed and rinsed with the hose and also used the pressure washer on the setting that’s safe for windows.    

Wipe counters & cabinets:

Fill your sink with warm, soapy water and just give everything a quick wipe down.

Dust furniture:

A microfiber cloth works great!  This is an easy job for kids to dust furniture and easy to reach spaces like end tables.  You can even put socks on their hands and turn it into a fun activity. 

Remove Pet Hair with Rubber Gloves

If you have pets at home, then there’s probably a lot of fur on your furniture, carpets, and well… everywhere. So to easily get rid of it, wear a pair of rubber gloves and wipe your hand over places that have gathered plenty of hair. The hair will stick right away, cleaning your place in no time.

Clean Faucets Around Home with a Lemon

To quickly get rid of hard water stains on your home faucets, try rubbing a sliced lemon over the stains. It’ll make them shiny and clean again

DIY Citrus Garbage Disposal

Making frozen citrus and vinegar garbage disposal ice cubes is the easiest ways to get rid of bad smells. All you have to do is put a few citrus peels into a muffin tin or ice cube tray and fill with vinegar. Pop in the freezer until solid and toss a few into your disposal. The bad smells will be replaced with a lovely citrus scent!

Clean Your Dishwasher with Kool-Aid

You can clean your dishwasher with Lemon Kool-Aid. All you have to do is pour the Kool-Aid in the spot where you usually pour in your dish detergent. Put on a normal setting, and you’ll have a sparkling clean dishwasher quickly. Crazy, right?!


Purchase unsweetened lemonade Kool-Aid. It must be this flavor only because of its citric acid content and lack of color. If you like lemonade, buy enough for a drink and a clean!

Sprinkle the entire single package of Kool-Aid into the dishwasher powder holder.

Remove any dishes in the dishwasher. The method should run using an empty machine only.

Run a normal cycle wash. The lemonade Kool-Aid will clean away as it runs through the cycle.

Use the dishwasher as usual after cleaning. It should be free of iron stains and lime deposits after the Kool-Aid clean.

Make Your Glass Shower Doors Sparkle 

Heat 1 cup of vinegar in the microwave for one minute. Carefully pour into a spray bottle along with 1/2 cup of blue dishwashing liquid. Spray glass shower doors, and easily wipe off soap scum and build up. Make things even easier by filling a scrub brush wand with the liquid, and storing it right in the shower. Give the doors a quick scrub next time you’re showering to keep it clean all year long!

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