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Don’t Crumble In The Heat

The Pelham Group
Jul 15 2 minutes read

When the weather becomes warmer your garden isn’t the only thing that needs to be watered. The seasons effect the foundation of your home just as much as it does your grass or flowers. The foundation of your home is on porous soil, which expands or contracts at different rates depending on the weather and water content.

In the summer, especially here in Texas, there is considerably less water in the soil than during the rainy seasons. In the winter the top layer becomes cold and the water expands pushing the soil up. This is called ‘frost heave’ and is easily seen with driveways and walkways. This cycle of shrinking and expanding can cause damage to your foundation.


The concrete in your foundation also contracts and expands with the changing temperatures, inconsistency in water flow, and in conjuncture with the soil, which can cause major cracks that will grow over time.


Right now, when it is hot outside, the water in your foundation is evaporating. The soil around your home is also more dry which means it is taking up less space around the foundation, and can cause it to dry out and crack. This is because your foundation is now sitting unevenly on the ground. When it becomes saturated again the soil will puff up and displace the broken foundation which will make it shift and settle.

The best way to combat this is to ensure your sprinklers are on for at least 15 or 20 minutes each day so the soil around your foundation keeps a consistent moisture level throughout the year. If you do not have a sprinkler system that is ok! You can use a regular garden hose, or even a soaker hose. Make sure and water 6-18 inches away from the foundation for best results. The heat here in Central Texas is brutal on home foundations. If you think there might be a crack make sure and have someone evaluate it before it has the opportunity to become worse.

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