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Finding Center

The Pelham Group
Mar 24 4 minutes read

In this time of uncertainty, we find ourselves altering the way we are accustomed to living and working. We are navigating unfamiliar territory. We need a reference point— a place to come back to and settle. Here are a few ways that may help you Find Your Center, and re-focus on your Self, your Spirit, your Home, and the Natural World around you. 

Feeling out of sorts and unsettled?  When life and emotions and stress push you off balance, find your center. Making a conscious effort to re-center can help you feel more relaxed, and more peaceful in the present. Start with family and nature.  

Begin by…

-sitting down for a family dinner together

-playing a board game together

-working on a project together

-getting outside together

For Moms and Dads with kids at home, try this… Create a Backyard Bird Habitat.

Simple Wild Birdfood Recipe

-1/2 cup of sunflower seeds

-1/2 cup of raisins

-1/2 cup of cracked corn

-1/2 cup of peanut butter

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.  Roll into balls, and place onto a platform, or in a suet feeder if one is available (a suet feeder is a small cage that holds food).  Another creative option is to use some edible containers. Cut an orange in half, and hollow it out to hold the seed. Place the bird food in areas that are easily seen.

And next, gear up for a Photo Safari!  You and your child have an opportunity to go on safari…right in your own back yard!  Take photos of the birds which fly in to eat the food, then do some investigating to find out the name of each species that visits.

Many times, the work done outside the home leaves little time to address what is inside the home… like clutter.  And it happens to all of us.  We become blind to what has collected around us, to the “stuff” that has accumulated.  

As we find ourselves and our families at home during this current event, lets take a look around us and consider De-Cluttering.  

The benefits of decluttering your home stretch far beyond minimizing just the visual clutter Removing the extra, or unnecessary items within our homes can lead to both physical and mental benefits.  Emotional stress can be reduced, while clarity, focus, and concentration can be improved. 

Focus once again on what is important… what feeds your soul… what takes you back to that place of peace and sanctuary. For some, it may be baking recipes in your kitchen, or soaking in a hot bath. For others, it may be the solitude felt while sipping hot coffee and reading a good book, feeling the soft earth in your hands while working in your garden, or releasing energy while dancing to your favorite beats. It may be the silent connection that happens while walking your dog, the spin of the reel as you cast a silvery line for that “keeper,”, or listening to the soft trod of your horse as you ride among the trees. Whatever it is, get back to “that place.”  

And breathe.


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