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Empty Spaces? Trading Spaces?? Re-Purposing Spaces???


How To Furnish A Room

The Pelham Group
Mar 2 5 minutes read

When faced with furnishing an empty room, begin by asking yourself these 4 questions. They will help you organize your thoughts, create a plan, and streamline your process for furnishing the space. 


What purpose will the room serve? Will it be….

—a bedroom/guest bedroom? —a secondary living area? —a formal sitting area? 

—craft room? —game room? —miscellaneous? 

    The purpose of the room will dictate what type and style of furniture you select for this particular space. 

Who will be utilizing the room?

—children? —adults? —elderly? —groups of people? —hobbyists?


    It is important to think about who will be using the space, as various populations

           of people will have various needs. This is where Question #3 becomes very


How do you want the room to function?

—Will it be a place to casually lounge & relax? Or…

—Will it need structured seating?

—Will it be necessary to provide accessibility for a walker or a wheelchair?

—Will it need specific placement of game tables & AV equipment?

—Should it be pet friendly? 


    How the room will function dictates the furniture layout, as well as the amount of space to leave available for foot traffic and other functions. For example, children may need smaller-scale furniture absent of sharp edges. If adults or large groups will utilize the space, the room may require a certain amount of seating. Due to decreasing visual acuity and depth perception, the elderly inhabitants will need well-lit areas and defined paths clear of obstructions.  

Once furnished, what feelings or mood do you want the room evoke?

—comfort & relaxation —calm & serenity 

—friendly & inviting —interesting & inspiring

—elegance & refinement —trendy & bold

—energy & hype —cheerful & bright

—youth & exuberance —nostalgia & tradition


    Once you have determined the feelings or mood you want the room to evoke, you can now set your sights on selecting a) the right paint color, b) the appropriate style, size, and scale of furniture, c) coordinating art, rugs, and accessories.    


By giving thoughtful consideration to the questions above, you will be able to lay the groundwork for a well-planned room. This is the foundation necessary to build onto with your decorative elements.  Decorative elements necessary to complete a room may include items such as area rugs for the floor, wall art or mirrors, furniture for seating, accent tables, lamps, table top decor, etc.


Performance Fabrics On Your Furniture— Are they worth the cost?

Performance fabrics were developed to be able to withstand even the most difficult of environments, including extended amounts of time in sunlight or exposure to salt water.  These highly durable fabrics have the capability to resist stains and repel liquids. For households with small children &/or pets, these fabrics are the perfect protection, providing easy clean-up while reducing the stress that comes with spills and wear. Another added benefit is the variety of colors, textures, and prints now available. Many high-end furniture manufacturers now offer their seating options in this durable yet stylish and comfortable fabric.


Resists Moisture, Stains & Odors— Crypton resists stains, beads liquids, and rejects odor and bacteria.  

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