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Moving Guide

The Pelham Group
Jan 31 4 minutes read

Moving Day can be exciting!  You are embarking on a new venture… putting down roots in a new place!  It has been fun imagining your furnishings and accessories in your new home. But now, you actually get to move them there.  

Moving can be stressful, too.  There is a lot to do, and you want it to run smoothly.

Whether you have friends and family that can help you, or you’ve hired a moving company, here are a few helpful tips to keep things on track.


As you begin to consider the formidable task of packing and boxing your things, we give you our first big tip…. DE-CLUTTER. This is your chance for a new start! Take a good, hard look at what you use on a weekly basis, what is seasonal, and what is necessary to have on hand throughout the year. If what you have remaining does not fit into any of these categories, then EDIT IT OUT.  Don’t pack and move what you don’t need. It will create clutter and detract from the beauty of your new home.

So… if you don’t need it… Sell It - Donate It - Throw It Out.


Knowing how you will place your furniture in each room of your new home will save a lot of time and worry on moving day.  Measure the rooms of your new home, then take a little time to sketch out the footprint of each room. Arrange your existing pieces of furniture in the drawing.  Label each item in the drawing with a letter or number, and then tag each item with the corresponding letter or number. Making these decisions ahead of time will allow movers to take the larger pieces of furniture directly from the truck or trailer to the room they will live in.


Use these tips to help keep you organized and the contents of each room consolidated. Pack up one room at a time. Keep the boxes together, and label them accordingly. You can even color code them. When labeling, don’t forget to label both the top AND the SIDES, so no matter how the boxes are stacked, you can quickly see what each box contains.  Make sure that the boxes and items from each room are loaded onto the truck or trailer and placed together. 

PRO TIP:  Space Saving Solution!

Clothing, pillows, bedding, & blankets can be bulky, taking up a LOT of needed space!

You can reduce that volume by 80% with SpaceMax bags. These bags allow you to consolidate a lot of bulky items down to a stackable, manageable size.  Just use the free hand pump to remove the extra air from the bag. This allows your soft goods to remain free from moisture, bugs, and unwanted odors.

Order yours at


With today’s technology, you’ve got peace-of-mind right at your fingertips! Check out these cool apps to help you EDIT, ORGANIZE, & CONQUER!

LetGo… a mobile app that let’s you sell things at the touch of a button

Sortly… the “ultimate organizer app” - helps users create a visual inventory of their belongings with photos, tags, notes, and more

Nextdoor… connect with neighbors, sell household belongings, and find local home improvement professionals

PRO TIP: Apply The Golden Rule

Leave your old house as clean as you would like to find your new home. A clean slate will leave the new homeowners with peace of mind, feeling positive about the new venture, and appreciative of your gesture.


Planning ahead for the trip from your old home to your new one is important. Consider things like the length and height of the truck or trailer you’re using. Low-hanging branches can cause obstructions, as can narrow streets and bridges. Also, consider the most convenient place to park for unloading.

-Is there a driveway to utilize?

-Are there stairs to navigate?

-Will the items fit through the door, or do you need an alternate entrance?

Happy Moving! You can do this! :)

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