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Nighttime Curb Appeal

The Pelham Group
Oct 8 3 minutes read

Nighttime Curb Appeal 

Low-cost landscaping option providing Safety, Security, and Beauty

Did you know that your home’s curb appeal is just as important AFTER the sun sets?

As fall approaches and the days grow shorter, there is no better time to enhance your home’s Nighttime Curb Appeal. The proper type of lighting, and placement, can reveal the beauty already present in the landscape, as well as create dramatic affects through the use of light and shadows.

Choosing Path Lights & Area Lights

Path Lights illuminate the areas underfoot, such as walkways, stairs, and sidewalks.

Area Lights will broadcast light, and draw your attention to larger areas, such as patios, decks, or overhangs.

Take a walk around your property and consider the following…

    -Illuminating your walkways

    -Illuminating stair steps

    -Uplighting for trees or stone walls

    -Splashing some light on prominent exterior features

Low-Voltage Electric Lighting  vs.  Solar Lighting

Illuminating your landscape with Electric Lighting requires hard-wiring the light sources.  Although this may take additional time and investment up front, it does add value to your property.  The brightness is high, and allows visitors to be able to locate your property at night.  It also works great in illuminating social areas.  Overcast days have no affect on hard-wired lights, because no re-charging is necessary.  And for the design-conscious home-owner, these light sources come in a variety of styles and finishes.


If easy installation is a must, then Solar Lighting is your best option. No wiring is needed. The use of LED lights provide a long-lasting option, and are energy efficient. Eco-conscious consumers will appreciate that these light sources leave no carbon footprint. As times goes by, these lights will simply lose brightness, but don’t die. Unlike electric lighting, which offers a bright white light, solar light is softer, and tends to have a blue tone.  

In Need Of Design Guidance? 

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