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So, You Want To Build A Home?  There’s “A Lot” To Consider!

(No, really! You’ve got to find your LOT!) 


Selecting A Homesite

The Pelham Group
Mar 17 5 minutes read

If you’ve been dreaming of building a home, it is likely that you’ve also envisioned the land that your home will rest on.  

Here are a few things to take into consideration as you begin your search for the perfect homesite.

Desired Location

Begin by asking yourself these initial questions. Your answers to these questions will help to determine what areas or neighborhoods in which to begin you search. 

* Are you searching for wide open spaces and pastoral views?

* Do you prefer a family-friendly neighborhood?

* Is close proximity to medical centers, schools, or shopping most important?

* Is the potential for re-sale / return-on-investment a necessary factor?

Breaking Ground Without Breaking The Bank

Although a lot, or parcel of land, may appear easily buildable, the cost to turn it into such may far exceed your budget.

Turning raw land into a buildable lot can be expensive. Therefore, it is wise to consult with a reputable builder who has knowledge about the local landscape and a strong sense of “build-on-your-lot” expertise. 

PRO TIP:  Select a builder that offers a variety of floor plans, and can adapt a floor plan to the topography of your lot.

Your local Real Estate Experts at The Pelham Group are here to help you navigate this process and provide exceptional customer service.

Positioning of the House 

Once you have selected your lot, it is now time to think about how your home will be positioned on that lot.   In some cases— more common in neighborhoods offering  lots of .5 acres or less—there really isn’t much of a choice for placement. The most realistic option you may have is to determine which side of the home to place your garage and driveway on. For larger lots, there are two scenarios that can determine  the positioning of a home on your selected lot. 

  - Natural Landscape & Elevations

    - Desired Views

Why are these scenarios so important?  The natural landscape will help determine where the house will sit, and what direction it must face. It can also determine where and how to create outdoor living areas for entertaining, plus where and how to create the driveway to your home. The proper placement of doors, windows, and porches will enable you to take advantage of any special views or natural features your lot may provide.  

PRO TIP:  Know A LOT About Your Lot!

Many factors can determine how well your lot selection will work out for you.

So, do your homework!  And do A LOT of it!

- Spend time on the lot during morning and evening Sun. This is helpful in determining appropriate placement of rooms to avoid solar heat and glare.

- Visit the lot both during and after rainfall, and determine if  the site has appropriate Drainage.  Depending on the area, other conditions may come into play, such as Flash Flooding, Snow, and Ice.

- For neighborhoods, consider Thru-Traffic areas. At various times of the day, will you experience school traffic? …or work-related traffic at 5:00? And how could this impact your daily routine?

- Plan test runs from this lot, such as driving to and from work during Rush Hour, or drop-off/pick-up times for childcare, to help determine the Length Of Your Commute.

- Home Owners Associations (HOA’s); Does the location of your lot fall within an HOA, or not? If so, does it offer the guidelines and expectations you are willing to follow, or do you prefer not to be governed by a neighborhood HOA? 


At Smalley Homes, they believe the process of building your home should be enjoyed; from selecting a site, to designing a home that fits your lifestyle, to constructing your new home. They listen carefully and work closely with you to customize your home.

Located in central Texas, Smalley Homes is a family-owned business that prides themselves on providing top-quality construction for both Custom & Spec Homes.

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