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Setting The Right Mood At Your Listing

The Pelham Group
Jul 30 2 minutes read

Looking for a home can be an exciting time, but it can also be a stressful and anxious experience. Put yourself in the buyers shoes. They have been looking at hundreds of homes online, and possibly even in person.

Staging your home to be the most appealing is essential, but so is ensuring they feel comfortable in their potential new home. Once you have all the dust bunnies and extra nicknacks put away, add a few different types of plants that are scientifically proven to invoke relaxation. Plants can clear the head, calm nerves, lower blood pressure and help with concentration. So, they will remember your home over the others. 

A side note, some plants can even benefit your home by naturally filtering the air. Snake plants, Peace Lilly, and Golden Pothos are easy to grow and a beautiful addition to brighten up any room.

Fragrance Tips


Peppermint has been known to lower anxious nerves and boost alertness.



Lavender is a calming scent along with being a beautiful accent color for your countertop.



Jasmine is a more powerfully scented flower that can help with those home shopping jitters.


Great Indoor Plants

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