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Storage & Organization Hacks That Will Have You Feeling



Storage & Organization Hacks

The Pelham Group
Dec 30 4 minutes read

It’s the week after Christmas, and all through the house, 

Not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, 

But, do we take them down now? Do we organize?? Do we dare???

If the thought of storing or re-organizing your Holiday Decor

gives you CHILLS, don’t worry! We’ve got several tips & tricks

to make this year’s experience a SLEIGH RIDE in the park!


For starters, try storing your seasonal decor in Color Coded storage totes.  This will make them easy to identify when using colors that are reminiscent of each season. 

For Example:

Red & Green for Christmas…

Brown or Tan for Halloween or Fall… 

Blue for Summertime / 4th of July

If you cannot find bins in your desired color, use color coded labels to list the contents of the bin.  If colored bins and lids are not an option, clear plastic bins will allow

you to view its contents without having to label it, or even open it.

Clear Plastic Bins


Take photos BEFORE you take down your Holiday Decor.  Sometimes it is hard to remember just HOW you created your wonderful Holiday scenes, or exactly WHERE you displayed the various decorative pieces you’ve collected. You can use the photos of your decor as a How-To Guide, or template, for next year’s decorating.


Beautiful wreaths have been hung with care, but what do we do with them when the season is over?  First, gently dust or clean the wreaths.  Attach a ribbon or wire hanger to the top of them to allow for hanging.  Place the wreath inside a storage bag or a trash bag, and hang the wreath for safe keeping. 


If you’ve collected vintage glass ornaments that are particularly delicate, we’ve got a great suggestion for you!  Check out this Red Moire Archival Ornament Storage Box.  It’s got 44 compartments for your most precious ornaments.  

That's A Wrap!

If you’ve ended up with more rolls of wrapping paper than you know what to do with, try this clever tip.  Put all of your unopened or partially used rolls of wrapping paper into a zippered garment bag.  This keeps all of the rolls consolidated in one area, prohibits them from unrolling and crinkling, and you can easily hang the bag in your designated storage area


Ain’t nobody got time for that clutter!  After all, it’s time to start planning for the next decorating season!  Consolidate all (or most) of your holiday decor with this clever idea.  A rolling clothing rack will accommodate quite a variety of items and help you keep them stored and organized. Place totes or boxes on the bottom rack, hang wreaths and strands of lights from the hanging rod, place smaller items in the shelving, and attach bags of wrapping paper and bows to the side. Then, just roll the entire rack into a storage closet or your garage, and VOILA!…You’re done!

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