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Value-Boosting Home Design Trends for Fall 2023

The Pelham Group
Aug 29 4 minutes read

The change of the seasons is always a great time to update your home’s aesthetic—and by incorporating a few current trends, you can actually increase your home’s sale price if you’re in the market.

How does good interior design boost your home value?

While increasing the value of your home may not be the initial reason you decide to redecorate, great design does often increase the perceived value of a home.

What’s perceived value? It’s the subjective value that a buyer places on a property, and it can be boosted by things like staging, good landscaping, and well-thought design. According to Country Living, a simple redecoration can increase your home’s value by up to 10%—and that’s without remodeling anything.

Home design trends for fall 2023

Whether you’re thinking of selling this autumn or not, these fall home design trends will update your space and make it feel fresh. For 2023, we’re seeing a move away from obvious fall motifs (like scarecrows and pumpkins). Instead, you’ll see more subtle decor choices that inspire feelings of coziness with a nod to nostalgia. Here’s what to expect.

Organic and interesting shapes

Organic shapes ousted harsh angles and straight line syndrome at the end of last year, and they’re still going strong. The main update for fall is the showcased use of organic shapes to create visual interest. Curves combined with high contrast colors, impactful textures, and moody lighting will take center stage.

Warm neutrals

Subtlety and warmth continue in this season’s most-loved hues. Be on the lookout for welcoming honeys and muted peaches. Earthy tones combined with pops of contrasting black will create depth and interest—while usurping the more obvious pumpkin oranges.

Luxurious textures

Fall decor is about incorporating all the senses, so think beyond visual interest. This autumn, we’ll be seeing mixed luxury textures like velvet, beadboard, and leather. Incorporate a variety of tactile items, and don’t be afraid to overdo it. Burlap, crochet, silk, dried plants, and anything else you can imagine are on the table. Expect to see lots of wicker and woven furniture, and on the walls, envision limewash or textured wallpaper.

Vintage charm

Fall always skews a little bit vintage, usually because this time of year most people like to get cozy and nostalgic. This year, you’ll see more obvious nods to the past with cottage core and granny chic aesthetic choices that incorporate vintage and vintage-inspired pieces. Expect patterns on the walls and in the furniture, lots of texture, and maximalist ornamentation.

Make it yours

The most important part about decorating your space is that you like it when you're finished. Take these trends, make them yours, and create a space that you love.

Thinking of selling your home this fall?

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